An Approach to Weight Loss

When you start your weight loss process try not to concentrate on your extra weight. Establishing a negative attitude to food by labeling them as good and forbidden is not a goal of a healthy weight loss program. An opposite is actually true - you need to let go of all of your preconceived attitudes to food, all the labeling; you have to stop viewing the food as enemy. Food is actually a friend - it gives you energy to go through your daily activities.

A weight loss program should be able to re-establish healthy relationship with foods. This means bring able to eat without guilt, without having any other negative emotions associated with eating, enjoying your food.

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You can only lose weight when you stop concentrating on your extra weight and stop "dieting" in the negative sense of this word. Enjoying what you eat is one of the keys to good health and weight loss.

Using scales very occasionally, once a month, for example, is another way to help you stop concentrating on your extra weight. Your clothes will serve you as scales: if they become tighter it means you gained some weight, if they become looser then you lost some weight.

Instead of counting calories, carrying a long list of forbidden foods with you and weighing yourself twice a day, switch to a healthy diet, detoxify the body, exercise, drink about 10 glasses of water daily and keep an image of you as a slim person at all times in your mind. Instead of concentrating on the weight loss process, find a hobby and spend your free time on a creative activity. You will be surprised how easy the weight loss can be.

Also do not disclose your activities to unsupportive people. A negative comment or a phrase in the beginning of your weight loss process can stop the whole process without even giving it a chance.

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